Running 101: How often should you be running?

How often should you be runningWelcome to another episode of Running 101 (I said that in my most game show voice!)! Everyone always asks this question – how often should you be running? Followed up with how far do you run?

The answer to this question is two part: Frequency vs Distance.

Frequency = How often should you be running?

To start with, try only focus on frequency. Try to get into a routine and start slow. Don’t worry about how fast you run or how far you run. Focus on getting your shoes on and your butt out the door. I would start trying to get out for a run twice a week (once during the work week and once over the weekend); then increase it to 3 times a week (twice during the week and once over the weekend). Unless you are training for something specific you don’t need to be running every day. In fact, rest/recovery days are just as important as running days. Remember to allow your body to rest/recover during training days.

Distance = How far do you run?

Once you have gotten into a steady routine and feel comfortable running at least 3 times a week, then you can start looking at your mileage/distance. You don’t really need to worry about how far you are running if you don’t plan on running a particular race. Trust me though, you want to enter a few races – it helps with keeping to your routine of running 3 times a week. Start with a 5km park run and work your way up. Once you start entering races and claiming the medals at the end, trust me the race bug will bite and you will be entering races every weekend! There are some great training plans out there (we will touch on this in the coming weeks) but for now try running a minimum of  9-12km a week (that’s about 3-4km a run). again, dont worry about how long it takes you to run, or even if you walk some of it. You are just trying to get the time on your legs and your body use to the shock that you are running!

I hope this has helped, next time we will cover all the places you can run! Until then, Happy running!

How often do you run a week? When are your days for running? Share in the comments below!

Let’s get fit, happy, healthy  

~ Meg ~

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Shoeperstars: It Starts With Shoes

Shoeperstars Friends, you all know how much I love running, and how much I advocate incorporating running in your life – to help with you get fit, happy and healthy. Well I have found a way that we can all pay that passion forward and help someone become the next Caster Semenya or perhaps even the next Ntando Mahlangu. Its called Shoeperstars and its an idea created with love by my dear friend Jane.

Side note: If you missed the Olympics (were you under a rock!?) then you have to check out this video clip of Caster smashing the competition and claiming her gold medal.

With so much athletic talent emerging from our country’s youth, Jane thought it was time to discover new ways to unlock opportunities and nurture young athletic talent that may not have all the opportunities you or I have. And so, Shoeperstars was born.

It all starts with shoes…


Between Rob and I we cleared out our cupboard and found that we have 12 pairs of shoes to donate! How bad is that? Clearly we are runners – because even after we donate these shoes to Shoeperstars, we are still keeping 3 pairs each (road; trail and everyday shoes). You don’t realise how fortunate you are, and how your old shoes could be someone else’s future treasure.

For more info please check out the facebook page and see how you can get involved.

How many old pairs of running shoes are lying at the bottom of your cupboard? Share in the comments below!

Let’s get fit, happy, healthy  

~ Meg ~

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We cancelled DSTV (and it was the best decision ever)

cancelled DSTVIn July we came to the rather sad realisation that our lives literally revolved around the television (or should I say the idiot box like my mom likes to call it). So we cancelled DSTV and it was the best decision ever.

I am not sure if it was because it was winter or if we just ran out of conversation but we created this routine of coming home from work/track; making dinner; sitting in front of the TV and eating dinner and then I would go up to bed and Rob would stay behind and watch sport. We just were not connecting. Along with the emotional reasons on why we cancelled DSTV, we also did it for financial reasons. We were spending just under R900 a month to watch TV?! In our greatest effort to get debt free (one of my goals for 2016), and try to save, we decided the TV was the first thing that needed to go.

We cancelled DSTV nearly 2 months ago and I have to say its been the best decision ever! We are connecting with each, we have more time to chat and walk the pug, and read (and now we even pack!) – the list of possibilities are endless now that the TV is not a priority!

Since it coincided with us deciding to take the job offer in Ireland, it came at the right time. Perhaps we would have caved and brought the TV back but now with all the change happening in our life, we are not sure when we will bring the TV back.

Here is my pro’s and con’s list that helped us decide to cancel DSTV:

save money (nearly R900 each month)on rainy days you miss it
more time to connect and talkyou miss out on all the talk about the latest series
more time to walk the pugleaves the TV as a giant ornament of no use
get to bed early
get out over the weekend instead of sitting on the couch

Have you ever cancelled DSTV? or stopped watching TV as much?

What do you think of the price we pay for DSTV?

Let’s get fit, happy, healthy  

~ Meg ~

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My Life Currently

My life currently

After the success of last month’s “my life currently” blog post, I thought I would keep it going, let me know in the comments what else you would like to see on this blog – also, let me know what you are getting up to lately!

HOME: Our little house is mostly packed up or sold. We are in the process of downsizing our home because we are well aware that our new place in Ireland will not be as big as the place we have here. We are going to be sending over some “must have” items but for the most part, we are going to go there and see what we need. This is the current view of one of our spare rooms:

moving problems

FOOD: I am going to be honest and say we are eating a lot of “we won’t have this in Ireland” foods – mostly junk food or stuff that is not entirely healthy. But last weekend we did have a very awesome braai, with all the SA trimmings of potato bake and garlic bread (love me some carb on carb). The diet or lack there of is completely out of the window, guys. Life is stressful enough while we pack and sorting out our lives to be worrying about cutting calories.

LOVE: They say a big move like this is as stressful as a divorce or death. It has been a real test of our love and reasons why we are doing what we are doing have been flown back and forwards. One thing is for sure, together, we can get through anything. (p.s Jack seriously has no idea how much his little life is going to change!)

FAMILY: For the most part, our families have been truly amazing and supportive throughout this whole journey. My sister-in-law, Nats, sends me inspirational life quotes on a regular basis and just keeps my head grounded in why we are doing this. Rob’s mum very kindly lent us her car so that we could sell ours. My dad and Rob’s dad came up and helped with a few renovations to our flat while we had to work. My cousin and his family have nearly bought most of our things, and we have spent a lot of time with them. My mum just can’t wait till I am in there with them in October, it is going to be lovely to sit and cry with them and hug them tightly. I am seriously going to miss them all.

But it has been strange in some ways… Some people just have made no effort to see us or connect with us before we leave. It feels like the minute we said we were leaving they wrote us off from their lives. Rob and I both hate confrontation or making the first move (a big reason why it took us so long to get together!) so we have kinda just left it awkwardly hang in the air. While people I thought we were not entirely close with have been so supportive, offering to help where they can, regularly checking in to see how we are doing. New friends have even brought over some banana bread and just offered their ears to listen to what we have been doing and how we are feeling about the whole thing.

This experience has shown us our true friends, the ones we can count on when shit gets real. And believe me when I say I have cried more this last month about the hurt I have felt from friends and family putting distance between us than anything else this move has brought about. Its heartbreaking to realise you are not as special as you thought you were. A harsh reality but I guess even more of a reason for Rob and I to stick together and keep being strong for each other.

WEARING: I am finally able to run a bit more, although still in my brace. But I seriously love my new running shoes and I am grateful that my body is working on getting stronger and fitter, and soon I will be able to run stronger again. Admittedly I haven’t run a lot, I could run more, but with people coming to collect stuff and move and pack and sort out – there are more important things I need to take care of right now. The running will come later, I am sure, but right now I need to focus on getting things sorted out.

BLOGGING: Blogging is carrying on as normal, I have some really awesome ideas and blog posts coming up – so keep on reading!

IN THE FUTURE: The future is looking bright and full of adventure and plot twists I am sure. But all in all, I am feeling happy and excited for what it may bring.

On the 30th September, after my last day at work, we drive down to KZN. I will be staying in Durban with Jack until we leave in November. Its hard to imagine I only have 2 weekends left in Joburg… but I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with my family, and hopefully some friends too.

What is happening in your life currently? Share in the comments!

Let’s get fit, happy, healthy  

~ Meg ~

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