I'm Stuck in a Funk!

So anyone reading or follow my blog will know that I have been exceptionally quiet these last few months. And anyone who knows me in real life would know – quiet and me are not really compatible.

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I have been a bit in a funk lately, one that I am haven’t really been able to get out of. I am not really sure what its all about.

At first I thought it was all the training leading up to my first 21km that I just needed a break. Then I thought it was December holidays and training is hard when wine in the summer sun tastes so good. Then the new year started and I had all these big plans for a fresh start and then work got in the way and getting back on track was more about getting to bed early and getting myself out of bed in the mornings in time for work each day.

Whatever the reasons, as Rob put it, its February now and this year has started and this funk needs to funkity funk off right about now.  I can't stay stuck in a funk. I need to get back to training ASAP.

Last week was my first week that I stayed true to my training plan. And it was hard. I hurt in muscles I didn’t know I had. My legs cramped and my race pace sucked. In general most would say last week was a bad week – but for me it was a new beginning, it was a start, it was the light at the tunnel that I needed to feel – to know that I have felt this all before and that I have and will overcome it all again.

I have booked myself up with races every week till mid March, so that I cant back down and give up.

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