How to ease into running?  It feels like forever since I planned a goal, since I ran every day of every week.

Okay, lets be real I never ran every day of every week. But a ran almost every week and at least a few times a week.

I have some exciting news, (aside from the fact that I got engaged!) I have signed up with a running coach.

I kept asking myself "How to ease into running again?"  I started last week Tuesday with the assessment, and I was given a training plan. If I am honest perhaps this isn’t the best time to be starting a new running program. My head is all up in the sky with wedding plans and I am in a happy bubble of engagement love.

So last week was a bit of a fail, I worked out 2 times and did a park run. But not nearly enough as what was on my training program.

The goal I set with running coach is to do a PB in my upcoming Soweto Marathon 10km at the beginning of November. With that in mind it means I need to be running every week. The plan is intense. It covers running an average of 24km a week, split into 5km runs that means I need to be running on average 5 days a week. On top of strength, core and body conditioning. My head is clearly not in the game and my legs well they have gone on holiday it seems.


How To Ease Into Running?

How to Ease Into Running Again


The same way I have done it before I just need to START running!

How to ease into running quote

So that’s the plan, although I haven’t run yet this week, I plan to do the following for the rest of this week:

  • Wednesday: 3km Run
  • Thursday: Run with coach
  • Friday: RPM cycling class
  • Saturday: 5km Park Run (new one! we are trying Bryanston this weekend!)

How to ease into running quotes

Wish me luck Guys! New Goals will be set and hopefully smashed in due course!  View my post on The Importance of Love.