On Saturday 7th of Feb I ran my first race of 2015 – the McCarthy Toyota 10km in Pretoria. I have to be honest I have not been running consistently this year, not long distance – more track, so I was nervous I was out of shape for this race. Running a full marathon isn't easy!

Distance: 10km

Weather Conditions: HOT! Even tho this race started at 6.20am, it was still very hot on the route.

Parking/Traffic: We got to the venue very early and waited in the car. We parked down a side road a far way from the start/finish area so parking was not a problem. I am a firm believer of parking away from the venue and walking a bit than being stuck in traffic after a run!

Event Organization: As always, this race is very well run by Magnolia. Race number pick up was the morning of the event and was no hassle at all. My only comment would be that we got our race number in A4 envelopes, it may have been a bit more Eco-friendly to not use such a big envelope.

 Mccarth Toyota

Water stations: There was definitely enough stations along the route, and at the right spots, at the top of a tough hill. It was a bit messy looking with a lot of cups scattered on the floor.  I was previously on this salt free diet, which was great, but prior to the race I had to stop.

Marshalls:  Super friendly and helpful Marshalls. I always appreciated Marshalls who can see you are chugging up a tough hill and they still allow you to pass before allowing the cars to go.

Medals: The Bling, much deserved this one, I beat myself up a lot during this run and was happy to see this bit of sparkle at the end for all my efforts.


Vibe on the road: There are always a ton of people at this race, so the start is a bit congested but thins out pretty quickly with a slight incline at the start.Mccarthy Toyota

I had some trouble with my calves 1km in, a sure sign I am unfit and untrained for long distance.  Sometimes you need to learn how to ease into running.

I walked a considerable amount till I walked past an elderly lady who said to her friend how chuffed she was that they finished the first 5km in 55minutes. I was defeated. I had an serious chat with myself at that moment:

Either I quit now, get Rob to pick me up and give up all the money I am spending on online personal training or I get my ASS into gear and push it, give it all I have and keep running.


I chose the later and finished in 1hr34, my second to worst time ever in the two years of my running career. I promised myself at the end of this race that that will be the last time I see those times for a 10km and that from now on, I am committed to running and getting back my fitness.

Watch this space fellow runners. You have not seen the last of the PB’s with this one.