As most of you know I signed up with a running coach. I started beginning of October. I have to say I have noticed a big difference in my overall running performance.


Here are a few things I've learnt through my training with a running coaching:


1. I can run around a track in a circle and not be bored.

2. I can run faster than I think without my legs falling off and my lungs exploding.

3. I am a consistent runner. (What I mean is that I can keep the same speed each time I run around the track)

4. I am a runner not a walker – who knew?

5. Consistent practice makes the improvements greater.

6. Rest is just as important as running.

Two weeks ago I ran my first 10km after a month of training with my run coach and I can honestly say that I felt different. I ran consistently throughout the race. I felt strong throughout. I finished strong. I may not have run a personal best time but I ran consistently, not a lot of walking. I ran most of the up hills. These are all massive improvements for me personally!

So what are the things I now need to focus on:

Training with a Running Coach

1. I need to get into a running routine on my own. I tend to just run with my run coach and not a lot of runs on my own.

2. I need to focus on keeping my pace and worry less about time.

3. I need to do more body conditioning and core strength training.

4. I need to keep focusing on my stride, the way my arms swing and my breathing.

In other running news I have signed up to a running club (more to follow on this soon) for next year.


My plans for next year start with running my second 21km race on the 11th of January, The Dischem 21km as well as training for the toughest 21km around Johannesburg, namely the Pirates 21km (a lot of hills!) which will be in February next year. A lot of training and running needed over the festive season to ensure I stay fit and ready to tackle 2105 head on!


What are your thoughts on a running coach? Have you ever used one? What is the toughest 21km in your area and have you tackled it?