I finally bit the bullet and have committed myself to a running club. For most runners its a natural progression, and for others its not necessary.

I personally decided that I was ready to join a run club for the following reasons:

1. I can run a reasonable pace now, so I feel like I can keep up!

2. I want to save on all the cost of temp licenses for each and every race.

3. I want to be part of a team of runners so that I can learn from others and possibly make some lasting friendships.

4. I want to improve my running, and running in a crowd may just do that.

5. A lot of bigger distance races require that you are part of a running club so it opens more races up for me to enter.

Joining an Athletic Running Club

So who did I decide to join and why?


I decided to join L.A. Running Club


They are an up and coming Athletic Club with a lot of spirit and fun. Plus they are running this great early bird joining special! (did I mention how much I love a bargain?) If you join L.A. Running Club before end of November, you only pay R500 (this cost includes ASA license and a PUMA club vest). From December this joining fee goes up to R700 which frankly speaking is actually still a bargain as far as running club fees go.


So I have joined a run club, and signed up to a few races for next year – 2018 promises to be another goal-smashing, running-strong year!


Are you a part of a running club? How do you think it benefits you?