Three Main Reasons Tooth Loss can Happen

It is normal to feel embarrassed when you lose a tooth, especially when it is a front tooth. However, did you know that a lot of people have also lost at least one tooth? While tooth loss is quite common in old age, it can also happen in younger people. So why exactly is tooth loss common? Below are some of the main reasons:


Not all people lose their teeth because of poor dental habits. Tooth loss can be due to aging. The teeth and gums play a significant role in our general well-being and with age, they may no longer be as effective when doing their jobs. Also, aging makes us susceptible to oral health problems.

Oral Hygiene

We have to maintain good oral hygiene to protect ourselves from oral health and general health problems. However, this is often not an easy feat. If you haven’t been doing this, it is time to start to reverse the damage your previous habit may have caused. Tooth loss can happen when you don’t pay attention to the warning signs and only seek help when your oral health problems have caught up with you.

Practicing good oral hygiene is important to prevent tooth decay and infection that can result in tooth loss over time. But, to prevent tooth loss, you also need to give your gums the attention it deserves. You may think a lot of these problems are related with your tooth begin in the gums. This is because the gums are exposed to plenty of bacteria and when they fail to hold them off, infection sets in which can spread to your teeth’s other supporting structures. Because there are many things that support your teeth, tooth loss can be caused by various conditions. Learn some great solutions for tooth loss at


In terms of consumerism, the society is built on instant satisfaction. We can easily what we need which includes unhealthy foods. However, this way of life promotes poor oral health. Oral health problems do not develop overnight. They can wear down our teeth and gums over time until we experience pain and contact a dentist for help. To avoid tooth loss, it is important to see our diet as an oral health problem instead of an overall health issue. We need to be more cautious about the food we consume and the way they affect our oral health.

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